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Help Wanted

  • Bus drivers. We need additional bus drivers, without which we become unable to deliver the program our scouts have come to expect. We’ll help you train to obtain your CDL certification, including practice runs with you.  You need a clean driving record (for our insurance), ability to manage the bus (we’ll help with the scouts), capacity to work with our schedule, a commitment for the next several years’ programs, good physical condition, and youth protection training to register with BSA 605.

  • Service help. All our service projects need adults 2-deep. And they’re fun and satisfying, whether in the outdoor environment, serving our chartered organization, working in the community, meeting special needs. Can you help?

  • Summer camp help. We need trained adults to share the week, or a coordinated part of the week, in June / July / August. We’ll help with the training. Camps in NC (Camp Daniel Boone) or camps out of state. Can you help?

  • BBQ cooks. Our BBQ is coming up in the spring. We need cooks to finalize the menu, order & buy supplies, take care of preparation, do the cooking, with work ahead.

  • BBQ coordinators. We need someone to coordinate folks working on the dinner, including the possibility that we’ll do “dinner and a concert”, coordinating with the church’s music program. For our dinner, Scouts will serve, families will bring dessert, adults will cook, we will all clean-up.

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